What is a Container Farm?

The Hippotainer is a container vertical farm, a smart solution for modern farming. We have built it in a special shipping container. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology. With the Hippotainer you can grow a wide range of vegetables in a controlled environment.

How does the Hippotainer work?

The Hippotainer is a container. It is designed to be plant heaven. You can control all the important growth factors. Think of the temperature, the humidity and light. Our system helps you to adapt them for best plant growth. Also, nutrient-rich water flows through the system. It gives the plants what they need for healthy growth. For this, it uses a hydroponics system. We have stacked it on top of each other. And you guesed it right… This is why it is called a vertical farm!


Is the Hippotainer fit for me?

Our Container Farms can be tailored for your needs. We understand that researchers, universities, NGO’s, restaurants or hotels have different needs.  We can adjust the Hippotainer to a specific environment. Like oil rigs and ships, a horse club or a farm. With our farm you can grow fresh greens in a controlled and efficient way.

Can I grow fodder or mushrooms?

Yes! The Hippotainer is made for various crops. You can alter the growing conditions. In this way you can enrich animal feed with fodder. Or produce high-quality mushrooms. The Hippotainer is very flexible!

Can I grow organic produce?

Yes and no. Many vertical farmers agree that container farm crops are not only organic, but also exceed these standards. Our add-ons make food handling practices safer. But you can not get an organic certification. This is because it only applies for crops that grow in the soil. But there is also good news. You can list that you use “organic practices” without the certification.

How is the container farm controlled?

The Hippotainer has an automated system. It controls the environment, nutrient delivery, and other crucial factors through its array of built-in sensors. The automation ensures best growth conditions. It lowers the need for constant manual action.

What support and training options are available?

We provide training and support. We are there for you to maximize the potential of your Hippotainer. From the setup to ongoing upkeep, our team is there for your success.

Is the Hippotainer a real shipping container?

Yes! It is a refrigerated shipping container. The walls have robust layers of insulation. They are paired with an efficient HVAC system. This makes it easy to keep growth conditions for your crops optimal.

Why choose Hippotainer Container Farming?

The Hippotainer Farms have many perks. We designed it to give you the best farming experience. The container is portable, scalable, and can be stacked on top of each other. They are super flexible!

But there is more. You can grow your plants in a clean and controlled way. No soil and pesticides needed! This gives you larger and more flavorful yields. You can harverst daily or weekly. The whole year through.

We think it is great that you do not have to wait for rain and sunshine. You are free to grow anywhere! Even in places that were thought unfit for farming. Join the future of farming!

Can the Hippotainer be tailored to specific crops or environments?

Yes! Our team can tailor the setup to meet your needs. Specific crop demands or environmental settings are no problem. If you wish to grow specific plants or work in unique climates, we can work with you. We will optimize the system accordingly.

Perks of vertical farming with the Hippotainer?

What makes the Hippotainer special is the large cultivation area. This saves costs per square meter of growing space. It is over 60% lower than other container farms! If you want to use the Hippotainer, our team is ready. We will support you every step of the way.

Are you still not sure? We want you to know that the Hippotainer has higher crop yields per m2. Also it takes up less space and resources. Plus, you have precise control over the growing conditions. This gives you a healthier and more consistent crop.

Can container farms be used for education?

Yes! The Hippotainer is a great educational tool. It has a compact design and educational features. This makes it ideal for schools, universities, and community programs. Do you want to teach about sustainable farming, technology, and food production?
Please contact us and click on our contact page.

How can I get started vertical farming with Hippotainer?

Do you want to start growing with your own Hippotainer? Click on our contact page to connect with our team. You can use the contact form on our website or send us an email. We will be happy to discuss your needs and to give you more information. We are ready to get you started!

What is the most profitable crop in vertical farming?

It usually depends on the country, most demand crops and their prices. But mostly leafy greens and herbs because of their short growth cycle and high demand. microgreens and mushrooms are also other products which are easy to grow and have high price in every market.