About Us

Welcome to Hippotainer – A Pioneer in Sustainable Vertical Farming!

At Hippotainer, we strive to revolutionise the way we farm today. We are driven by our team of experts. We are all graduates from Wageningen University, and use our academic and research experience. What do we use this for? Well, we proudly introduce a groundbreaking way of farming. We fit all this in the 40ft of our specially designed containers.

On top of our academic roots, we have a solid foundation in TGS Agribusiness. This company is known for its success in hydroponic projects all over the world. Our hands-on experience with indoor farming sets us up for success in the field of vertical farming.


We make vertical farming accessible. Our technology is ment for growers all over the world. By doing this, we aim to give local entrepreneurs the tools they need. Tools to empower their communities with resilient and high-quality farming.


We strive for sustainable access to nutritious food for all. In doing so, we want to promote the health of people and the planet.

Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

We believe in the power of innovation. It will help us to address the global challenges of food production. We are commited to sustainable practices. You will see that this is embedded in every part of our work. From resource-efficiency to advanced technology, we redefine the future of farms.

Join us today

Are you a farm fanatic? A forward-thinking farmer? An eco-conscious business? Come and join us! Explore the endless possibilities of vertical farming with our team. We are driven by passion and expertise. We share a vision for a greener future.