About Hippotainer

The Remarkable Efficiency of Hippotainer®

Welcome to Hippotainer. We created a Vertical Farm with a Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponics system. All fitting in a 40ft freight container.

Our simple but state-of-the-art system uses a nutrient-rich water solution that brings food to the plants. A nanobubble generator gives the plants oxygen that helps for better growth and cleaning the system.

Grow a variety of plants

With Hippotainer, you can grow a wide range of plants. Think of greens like microgreens, lettuce and herbs. You can grow year-round in any location. 

The Hippotainer is a groundbreaking approach to vertical farming. It is  a sustainable and resource-efficient alternative that changes the way we grow our food.

Efficient use of space

The Hippotainer® is very efficient in space use. This makes it different from most container farms. We have fit 97 square meters of growth area in a standard-sized container. This opens up a world of possibilities for more cost-effective and sustainable food production.

No soil

Hippotainer® is much more than efficient use of space. It stands for a holistic approach to modern farming. Plus, the Hippotainer is also super efficient. Because you control the plants environment you get faster growth and higher yields than traditional soil-based methods. Plus, with no soil, there are less risks of pests and diseases and the system is cleaner. You can farm in an organic way, as no pesticides and herbicides are needed to grow the leafy greens you prefer.

Business in a Box

Hippotainer® is a ‘Business in a Box’. Its spacious interior has all the necessary equipment. So there is no need for external facilities such as a separate seedling area and water storage tank. It is a self-contained solution for efficient farming.

Benefits of Hippotainer®

Space Efficiency

Hippotainer® has a huge growth area. With 97m² for cultivation it has almost twice the size of most other container farms. Because we fit more in one container, the costs per m2 go down. Hippotainer is a good choice if you want an affordable vertical farm.


Hippotainer® is very flexible. You can place it in any climate. It works in both rural and urban settings. And this is good news for urban areas. Because it is soil free, the Hippotainer is a great solution for places with little natural resources. A great answer for  land scarcity.

Low maintenance costs

The Hippotainer® stands out with its simple and efficient design. This makes it very easy to work with. The set up is made simple with our user-friendly “plug and play” options. You need minimal technical expertise. Because it is simple, there are low maintenance costs. Saving you both time and resources.

The container comes with a clear user manual. It explains maintenance,  hydroponics and makes it easy to use. At the same time, it lowers operational costs.

Cost-Effective Production

Growing more plants in the same container size saves space. But there is more to it. It also makes the cost per m2 of growing area a lot less. The growth capacity is more than 57.000 seedlings and 37.000 plants. It offers a cost savings of over 60% per square meter*. 

This lower cost is a game-changer. It is great news for businesses, communities, and individuals who want to participate in sustainable agriculture. With a quicker return on investment,  Hippotainer® creates acces to equitable food.

*When compared to other container solutions.

Plug and Play

A big plus of the Hippotainer® is its “plug and play” function. It makes the experience seamless and user-friendly. Good news for new vertical farmers. With its easy setup you need minimal technical expertise. It is quick and easy to start farming.

The container comes fully prepared. It already has germination equipment for plant propagation. You can start growing right away. To help you, we made a clear user manual. It explains what you have to do for maintenance and how you can grow plants with hydroponics. This makes the installation fast and simple. So you can focus on growing your greens.

Efficiency and High Yields

Hippotainer®’s hydroponic system is stacked on top of each other. This makes it a vertical farm. In this way you can make the most of the available space.

The system gives you a high degree of control. Plants will growth faster and give higher yields than traditional soil-based methods. With no soil, there is also a low risk of pests and diseases. Thus the system is cleaner and easier to maintain.

Food Security

Food security is important to feed a hungry world. Now and in the future.  Hippotainer® plays a vital role in this. With cost-effective, year-round fresh produce, it is an answer for the need of consistent food production. It creates acces to greens in both urban and remote areas. As people keep moving to urban centers, Hippotainer® offers a lifeline. A steady supply of local and healthy food makes cities less dependent on long-distance transport and storage.


The Hippotainer is space-efficient and environmentally friendly. It uses about 90% less water than conventional farms. This is great for places with water scarcity.

Also, because of the minimal need for pesticides you do not have to use harmful chemicals.

If farmers add to much, nutrients can build up in the soil or water. This is not good for the plants. With Hippotainer, you can be very precise with adding nutrients to the plants. In this way you can  prevent soil and water eutrophication.


We partnered with high-quality, innovative and well known brands. Like Rijk Zwaan, Signify (Philips) and GrowFoam. Together, we can create more value for our clients. We strive to deliver the best solutions and experiences. We  keep evolving to meet your needs. We reach for excellence and an even brighter future.

Hippotainer® Farming Technology


This system uses water to bring nutrients to the plants. There is no need of soil. This is great! Why? Well, you need a lot less water and you get better growth results.

LED Grow Lights

We use Philips Energy-efficient LED lights. They shine with the right light that plants need for photosynthesis. These light bulbs let you grow every day of the year.

Climate Control

Hippotainer® farm uses sensors and automation systems. They keep best temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels for each crop.

Data Analytics

We put software in the Hippotainer. It tracks and manages the crop growth. It makes sure that resources are not wasted but used for growth.