A ready-to-use, low-tech food production system, close to the market, independent of economical and geographical conditions, guaranteeing safe, fast and high-quality production of fresh vegetables.


less water used*

*Compared to conventional farming


growing area

up to


heads of lettuce annually

What is a Hippotainer©?

Welcome to Hippotainer, the innovative Vertical Farm using a Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponics system housed within a 40ft freight container. With Hippotainer, you can grow a variety of plants year-round in any location, regardless of external conditions.

Our state-of-the-art system utilizes a nutrient-rich water solution and a nanobubble generator to provide plants with the oxygen and nutrients they need to thrive. The environmental conditions are carefully controlled to ensure optimal plant growth.

Why the Hippotainer?

One of the largest benefits of Hippotainer is its versatility and independence. The container design allows you to place the system wherever you desire, making it an ideal solution for those without access to fertile soil. It is perfect for urban environments or areas with limited natural resources.

In addition, Hippotainer is also highly efficient. The controlled growing environment allows for faster plant growth and higher yields compared to traditional soil-based methods. Plus, with no soil, there is less risk of pests and diseases and the system is cleaner and easier to maintain. It allows full organic crop production, as no chemicals like pesticides and herbicides are needed to grow the leafy greens you prefer.

Overall, Hippotainer is a revolutionary hydroponics system that offers the convenience of mobility and the benefits of a controlled growing environment. Try Hippotainer today and take the first step towards sustainable, year-round food production.

Keep up to date with our progress

Testing location

We were fortunate enough to find a test location provided by Manege Zonder Drempels, a social centre focusing on mentally and physically disabled people as their target audience. They provide rides with horses as a form of physical therapy, and have a day-care area. Moreover, multiple apartments, completely adapted to fit the needs of disable clients, are available for short term rent. The container will be built and tested on the property during a period of 5 months.

Building the prototype

In the first week of December, the construction of the first prototype was started. Throughout December and January components and materials were delivered to the location and the Hippotainer slowly started to take shape. Despite the set-backs, steady progress was made. The goal is to finish the first prototype by the last week of January. After which the testing phase can begin. We will e testing the complete system on efficiency of crop cultivation.

Meet the team

Jort Maarseveen

Jort Maarseveen

Project Manager

My passion lies in developing business ideas which could make a genuine impact to the surrounding environment. I like to approach any situation holistically, having eye for the social and economic impact.

Joël van Schoonhoven

Joël van Schoonhoven

Technical Design

I am truly passionate about designing and creating new products, whether on DIY or professional level, with as main goal functionality and realizability. As a generalist I enjoy discovering new fields of work, gaining more knowledge along the way.
Tijmen Blok

Tijmen Blok

Hydroponics & Plant Specialist

Allowing biology to manifest itself in the form of research and innovation is what I desire to do, especially in team work. My goal is to work on solutions oriented towards sustainable food production, while working accurately and effectively.

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