Grow high quality vegetables in this ready-to-use and independent vertical farm.


Less water use*


Growing area




Less fertilizer*

* Compared to conventional farming

What is a Hippotainer®?

Welcome to Hippotainer! We designed an innovative Vertical Farm. It is created in a 40ft freight container. In it you’ll find a Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponics system. This makes it possible to grow a variety of plants with the Hippotainer. Think of greens like microgreens, lettuce, herbs and more. With the Hippotainer you can grow at any time in any location and in any weather!

Our innovative system gives the plants all they need. You can carefully control the environmental conditions for best plant growth. A nutrient-rich water solution delivers nutrients to the plants. A nanobubble generator provides the plants with oxygen. They thrive on it!

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